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Buckshot Classic - 7.5" 3-Blade Black Trapper Pocket Knife

Buckshot Classic - 7.5" 3-Blade Black Trapper Pocket Knife



Introducing the Buckshot Classic - 7.5" 3-Blade Trapper Pocket Knife, a homage to the timeless appeal of traditional trapper knives. Crafted with precision, its 3.25" stainless steel blade ensures durability and sharpness for any task at hand. The 4.25" black wood handle adorned with brass accents exudes a rustic elegance. What sets this pocket knife apart is its innovative design featuring a detachable fork and spoon, alongside the sharp blade, making it a versatile tool for outdoor adventures or culinary escapades. Upgrade your gear with this blend of nostalgia and functionality, ideal for camping, hiking, or simply adding a touch of rugged charm to your everyday essentials


Overall Length: 7.5"
3.25" Stainless Steel Blade
4.25" Black Wood Handle w/ Brass Accents
Includes Detachable Fork + Spoon

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